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Universal Side Mirror Camera

Universal Side Mirror Camera


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New Super CMOS high quality micro side camera kit for your car or truck!

Kit includes 1 high grade camera that can be mounted virtually anywhere! Mount it under your side mirror, front bumper, rear decklid, fender well, or anywhere else you can imagine. The camera is virtually invisible allowing you to keep a factory look while adding the safety and convenience without having a bulky camera hanging from your vehicle. The head of the camera swivels to allow for an adjustable viewing range and can also be set to view either forward or backward, switching the view in the monitor from mirrored to positive view.


Passenger Side View


Driver Side View


Simply plug the new camera harness into the RCA connector on your factory radio interface or external monitor and run the chassis harness to camera location. The power wire goes to any switched activated power source. Camera installs in any desired location on the bottom portion of side view mirror; using the included hole saw cut an opening in the plastic cover trim, install the camera by popping the camera into the hole from the outside - in, and connect to chassis harness. Installs quickly and easily! 


Interface this camera with your existing (or add-on) touchscreen factory radio using one of our radio interfaces. Call us today for your options!


One Super CMOS night vision side view camera
Camera chassis harness - terminates RCA so it will work with any monitor that has a RCA video input. Works great with Lockpick navigation interfaces!
Wiring connectors
Zip ties
Hole saw


Camera Source exclusive Super CMOS - 600 TV lines of resolution for the ultimate color and clarity!
150 degree view
Mirrored or positive (forward view) select-able
Swivel lens for aiming 

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