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Sirius Extension Cable

Sirius Extension Cable


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This extension cable is designed to be used when retrofitting the MyGIG radio in a vehicle with factory installed / built-in Sirius. Simply unplug the yellow/mustard colored female connector from your existing Sirius tuner (see locations below) by sliding the red retaining clip back then plug it into the male end of this extension cable. Plug the female end of this extension cable into the rear of the MyGIG radio's internal Sirius tuner. This allows you to utilize your factory installed Sirius antenna with your new MyGIG radio.


Compatible with all Chrysler Group SiriusXM antennas with the curry colored FAKRA connector.

Sirius Tuner Location (to retain existing Sirius antenna when retrofitting MyGIG radio):

Ram - Behind Glovebox

Charger / Magnum / 300 - Left Rear Interior Quarter Panel (within trunk)

Grand Cherokee - Right Rear Interior Quarter Panel

Durango / Aspen - Above the headliner just inside the lift gate opening

Commander - Mounted under the second row, outboard seat on the passenger side. There is a piece of ribbed plastic, actually the step for the third row. The cover pops off and it is mounted under there. It is held on with velcro.

Caliber / Compass / Patriot - Front of the spare tire is that black flock molding piece, just lifts off

      Example of factory installed tuner behind Ram glove box


16.5ft Antenna Extension Cable


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