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2013-2019 Infotainment Ram® Truck 8.4 Upgrade Radio Bezel

2013-2019 Infotainment Ram® Truck 8.4 Upgrade Radio Bezel


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The bezel with volume control is on backorder. ETA is mid June 2020.


-Patented 2017- This product is designed for customers with the factory installed UConnect® RA1 3.0 or RA2 5.0 radios in the 2013-2018 Ram 1500-5500 & 2019 Ram 1500 Classic trucks featuring manual HVAC controls. This exclusive bezel features a factory fit & finish, compatible with all Ram trucks with manual HVAC controls, and can be ordered with a built-in volume control rotary switch.


    2013-2018 Ram 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD, 4500HD, 5500HD

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic 


    1. Remove the climate controls from your original radio bezel (4 screws) and install it onto the included radio bezel (C-BEZ).
    2. Plug the white connector coming from the volume control into the climate controls. Plug the truck’s factory climate control connector into the other end of the volume control. Done!


    • The RA1 or RA2 radio you currently have installed isn't the same size as the larger 8.4-inch radios. Therefore the radio trim opening will not fit. Our exclusive bezel features an 8.4-inch radio trim opening.
    • You currently have manually operated air conditioning & heat controls whereas the larger 8.4-inch radio bezels feature the automatic climate controls. The plugs are totally different and will not work in your vehicle. Simply remove the climate controls from your existing radio bezel (4 screws) and install onto this replacement bezel using the same 4 screws.
    • The RA1 or RA2 radio you currently have has a built-on volume control dial. When you install the 8.4-inch radio you won't have a way to adjust the radio volume. Our exclusive bezel has an available volume control switch.


    • Select "Yes Please"above and we'll install a custom-made volume control switch onto this radio bezel so you'll have the ability to adjust the volume of the audio. Otherwise, select "No Thanks" to utilize your steering wheel mounted audio controls to control the audio.

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