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OBD Genie Chrysler Dodge Jeep Performance Pages Programmer C-PPMP

OBD Genie Chrysler Dodge Jeep Performance Pages Programmer C-PPMP


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New for 2Q 2016! This revolutionary product allows several Chrysler Dodge Jeep owners the ability to program their vehicle for the very popular Performance Pages feature. The programmer will program your vehicle's computer to enable the Performance Pages feature on your 8.4-inch radio display and EVIC/Speedometer cluster just like it would from the factory!


This programmer is designed for the following vehicles:

2012-2017 Chrysler 300
2012-2017 Dodge Charger
2015-2017 Dodge Challenger
2014-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Pages on 8.4-inch radio display only)
2018 300/Charger/Challenger/Grand Cherokee - Requires our C-MODBYP Device


  • Vehicle must have a factory 8" radio display screen (vehicles with 4" radio displays will only obtain pages on the EVIC/Speedometer cluster.
  • 2015-2017 vehicles must not have ever had a paid or trial UConnect Access account. 
  • 2018 vehicles must not have ever had a paid or trial Sirius Guardian account.
  • 2015-2016 vehicle owners who paid the $599 RA3 "dealer enabled" navigation upgrade may lose the feature once resetting the system to factory defaults.
  • Vehicle must be the North American version "NA"


VIN Locked OBDII Programmer
Engineered in the USA

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