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Dual Antenna Multiplexer

Dual Antenna Multiplexer


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This kit has been designed and offered only by as an alternative to drilling through the vehicle's roof or trunk lid. This dual antenna option will receive both the satellite radio and GPS signals through two separate antennas. See installation procedure below.

If you do not have an existing SiriusXM antenna you can "ADD" our cost effective Magnetic Sirius Antenna above!


Pre-2011 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles

2013+ Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram vehicles without factory SiriusXM


Install the multiplexer into the back of the radio in the corresponding yellow/curry port. Install the magnetic GPS antenna just under your dash top underneath the windshield and plug the blue GPS connector to the either port on the multiplexer. Install the magnetic SiriusXM antenna on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle and route the yellow/curry connector to the other available port on the multiplexer.


GPS Antenna Electrical:
Center Frequency:   1575.42MHz ±3 MHz
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio):    1.5:1
Band Width:   ±5 MHz
Impedance:   50 ohm
Peak Gain:    >3dBic Based on 7×7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage:    >-4dBic at –90°<0<+90°(over 75% Volume)
Polarization:    RHCP Antenna

GPS Antenna Amplifier:
LNA Gain (Without cable):   28dB Typical
Noise Figure:    1.5dB
Filter Out Band Attenuation:
f0=1575.42 MHZ
7dB Min f0+/-20MHZ
20dB Min f0+/-50MHZ
30dB Min f0+/-100MHZ
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio):   <2.0
DC Voltage:   3V to 5V
DC Current:    5mA, 10mA Max

GPS Antenna Mechanical:
Weight:    <110 grams
Size:    48×39×14.1mm
Cable:  RG174 2 meters in length
Connector:    Blue FAKRA
Mounting:   Magnetic base
Housing:   Black Shell

GPS Antenna Environmental:
Working Temperature:    -40℃~ +85℃
Vibration:   Sine Sweep 1g(0-p) 10~50~10Hz each axis
Humidity:    95%~100% RH
Weatherproof:    100%

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