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Advanced Exchange Radio Deposit

Advanced Exchange Radio Deposit


Regular price $250.00

Advanced Exchange vs Return for Exchange

Did you receive a troubled radio? Do you not have the time to wait for yours to be sent back for repairs or replacement? Purchase an advanced exchange radio today! We'll look up your original order and prepare a replacement radio to be sent as soon as possible. Once we receive, inspect, and test your troubled radio we will refund this deposit payment in full. It's that easy!

After your advanced exchange purchase, simply fill-out our Advanced Exchange Form to expedite the process. Once complete, print and include with your return shipment.


  • You must still be within our 90-day or extended warranty (if purchased separately) period. If you are out of warranty you may contact the Infotainment Repair Service Department for a quote to have your radio repaired.
  • You must contact our Support Department to try basic troubleshooting steps before ordering an advanced exchange. Most of the time issues can be easily resolved by over the phone/chat/ticket system tech support.
  • "Like for Like" exchanges only. You cannot use this service to upgrade to a different radio.
  • Troubled radio must be shipped back to us within 14 days of replacement radio's arrival to be eligible for a full deposit refund.

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