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14-15 Silverado Sierra GM Truck TailGate Handle Backup Camera Kit

14-15 Silverado Sierra GM Truck TailGate Handle Backup Camera Kit


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This exclusive factory OEM GM® back up camera solution is designed for the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra. This amazing safety feature is highly recommended and is our most sought after upgrade for the full-size GM truck. If you own a 2016-2019 GM truck CLICK HERE.


2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Series
2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra HD Series (2500-5500)

Compatible with all trucks with the IO4, IO5, or IO6 option codes listed on the glovebox sticker. If your glovebox sticker indicates IO3 you have a work-truck and we do not currently have a solution.

  • Please let us know your vehicle's year/make/model and 17-digit VIN upon checkout using our Compatibility Guarantee form. What's This?
  • If you don't see your vehicle listed, use our Year/Make/Model search located towards the top of your screen to find products tailored to your specific vehicle!


Depending if your truck is pre-wired for backup camera will determine which camera is suitable for your installation scenario. CLICK HERE to determine whether or not it is pre-wired.

Yes my truck is pre-wired - You will will receive our 100% factory OEM GM® tailgate handle / camera with embedded steerable/dynamic parking gridlines. Installation is easy! Click either of the links below for an install tutorial.

IO4 Install Video   //   IO5 and IO6 Install Video

No my truck is not pre-wired - You will receive our factory OEM GM® tailgate handle with an embedded high quality aftermarket camera with a wiring loom to be connected to the HMI module located behind your glovebox. This camera features static parking gridlines. Click the link below for the installation manual.

Installation Manual


Yes Please - All back up camera installations will require an OBD Genie G-RVC programmer unless you are also purchasing an IO5 or IO6 upgrade at the same time. This programmer will enable the backup camera image on your radio display just like it would appear from the factory. Simply insert it into your truck's OBD port (located under the steering column) and wait for the green light. Once the green light appears you can remove the programmer, the vehicle is programmed for backup camera!

No Thanks - Those who are purchasing an IO5 Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or IO6 GPS navigation upgrade will not need the programmer as the backup camera feature will be pre-programmed to your upgrade prior to shipping.


  • If you are un-sure about compatibility, simply enter your vehicle's 17-digit upon checkout and we'll double check your order prior to shipping.
  • Trucks that are pre-wired for backup camera will receive a 100% factory OEM GM® tailgate handle / camera. It will feature gridlines that move when the driver moves the steering wheel:

  • Trucks that are not pre-wired for backup camera will receive a factory OEM GM® tailgate handle with an embedded high quality aftermarket camera. It will feature static gridlines that will always remain stationary:

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