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Sirius Dual Antenna Kit

Sirius Dual Antenna Kit


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Use the drop-down menu above to select the preferred mounting type for your application. Here are a few details on each type:

Hard Mount (Drilling Required) - This antenna is a factory Mopar part. It is designed to be installed on the roof of the vehicle or trunk lid. This dual antenna will receive both the satellite radio and GPS signals. See installation procedure below. 

Soft Mount (No-Drilling Required) - This kit has been designed and offered only by as an alternative to drilling through the vehicle's roof or trunk lid. This dual antenna option will receive both the satellite radio and GPS signals through two separate included antennas. See installation procedure below.


2015-2017 Chrysler 200
2015-2016 Chrysler 300
2015-2016 Dodge Challenger
2015-2016 Dodge Charger
2014-2017 Dodge Durango
2013-2017 Dodge/SRT Viper
2014-2017 Jeep Cherokee
2014-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2013-2017 Ram Truck 1500-5500

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**If you don't see your vehicle listed, use our Year/Make/Model search located towards the top of your screen to find products tailored to your specific vehicle!


Hard Mount - Follow our universal/basic installation instructions. Once the antenna is installed, route the cable to the backside of the radio. Plug the connector into the back of the radio in the corresponding yellow/curry port.

Soft Mount - Install the multiplexer into the back of the radio in the corresponding yellow/curry port. Install the magnetic GPS antenna just under your dash top underneath the windshield and plug the blue GPS connector to either port on the multiplexer. Install the magnetic SiriusXM antenna on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle and route the yellow/curry connector to the other port on the multiplexer.


  • In some installation cases customers have installed both the hard mount and the soft mount SiriusXM antenna on top their interior dash panel (just below the windshield) with perfect satellite radio reception. This is not recommended by but an option if the user deems it fit.
  • If the radio you purchased for one of the vehicle's listed above does not feature GPS navigation you have the option to install just our Magnetic SiriusXM Antenna by itself. Just keep in mind if the navigation is ever activated or enabled at any point in the future the GPS navigation feature will not work by just installing the magnetic SiriusXM antenna. This is not recommended by but an option if the user deems it fit.

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