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Website Updates - Mobile / Tablet Users

During our current transition in branding from to, visitors may be experiencing some difficulties on phones and tablets when navigating through the site. We are very sorry for putting you through this and we appreciate your patience and support.  We encourage you to visit through your computer temporarily as we get everything situated on our end once again with mobile devices. You are important to us and we are only doing this to help improve your experience with us moving into the future. Thank you, Doug Indrunas & The Team

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We are undergoing a lot of awesome changes here at As the leader in the infotainment industry, we are now transitioning to our brand to become! During this time, if you experience any issues with our website, please let us know. We are undergoing some minor visual updates to the website, so please excuse the dust as it settles. The updates we are undergoing are purely for visuals as we transition to our new branding. Along with the visual updates, we are also working on improving the site speed for improving our website's usability and loading times for...

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The Numbers Don't Lie........

Do you think it's time to add a Front and/or Rear Camera?  

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MyGIG Radios.......Explained!

2009 Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler

MyGIG Radios.......Explained!

The MyGIG radio was introduced back in 2007 with the Jeep Wrangler. The system was ahead of it's time and offered customers a ton of features compared to other "plain Jane" radios introduced by Daimler Chrysler's competitors.

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OEM Hits 2000!

eBay name: www-oemautopartsco-com We're excited as today OEM reached 2000 positive feedback reviews via! Positive online feedback reviews is critical to earning customer trust & satisfaction. OEM has had a track record of high customer ratings relating to clear item descriptions, communication, shipping time, and shipping & handling charges.   CLICK HERE for a detailed report of our eBay Feedback!   Here are just a few of our satisfied customer's comments: Xcellent customer service, super fast shipping, very content with product A***  Buyer: Member id lebanesediva Bought the wrong unit, they corrected the order for me, unit was mint...

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