CES 2021 Featured Mega-Screens from BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes

BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac all revealed mega-screens at CES 2021, signaling that the next phase of infotainment advancement has begun.

Vehicle systems such as SYNC 3, UConnect and MyLink revolutionized vehicle infotainment to a new level. In fact they may have been why infotainment became such an important feature to consumers.

Once buyers realized what could be possible, they wanted more, and rewarded manufacturers who went "big."

With the advancement of the internet, hardware and wireless technology, a new boundary has been set for what can be accomplished. As such, going "big", has taken on an entirely new meaning.

As with most new vehicle technology, advanced features usually come with the higher-end luxury models. The trend continues, with BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac all presenting mega-screens of at least 33 inches in diagonal width across the dash in the passenger cabin.

They all host a wealth of new functionality and design that will entirely change the look, feel and experience for passengers. With all the mega-screens, the goal has become creating a home-like environment within the passenger cabin. In the modern era, home-like means digitally connected to the information, services and apps accessed in the home.

To achieve these new levels of functionality and user experience, new operating systems had to be designed and implemented. The ability of the vehicle's infrastructure needed the capacity to handle the large volumes of data required to create the on-the-road in-home user experience.

BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac have all answered the bell, and created some stunning mega-screens that will actually be made available to consumers in new models scheduled over the next 18 months.

Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen

MBUX Hyperscreen — Mercedes

Available Vehicles: EQS

Width: 55.5 inches

Tech Highlights:

  • 8 CPU cores
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 46.4 gigabytes per second RAM memory bandwidth

Other Notes:

  • Uses MBUX System
  • Actually consists of 3 separate displays. The design makes them appear as one large screen
  • Uses OLED Technology
  • Utilizes AI to make the screen smarter as you drive
  • Passenger can use streaming services
  • Navigation always available on center screen

BMW iDrive mega-screen

iDrive Screen — BMW

Available Vehicles: BMW iX

Width: Not Available (estimated 33 - 40-inches)

Tech Highlights:

  • Uses a new updated iDrive system

Other Notes:

  • Very few details available at this time

Cadillay LYRIQ Forward Cabin Mega-Screen

Lyriq Mega-Screen — Cadillac

Available Vehicles: LyriQ & Celest/Q

Width: Not available

Tech Highlights:

  • Based upon a new system called Ultifi
  • Utilizes new Vehicle Intelligence Platform with 7 TB capability
  • Will be heavily based upon vehicle-customized mobile apps
  • More access to mobile apps in-vehicle