2019+ RAM Truck SiriusXM Satellite Radio Antenna

What you need to now before installing your aftermarket SiriusXM vehicle antenna.

SiriusXM satellite radio can be a great feature for your vehicle.

SiriusXM offers 150 channels of varying genres—from talk radio to live sports to your favorite niche music. In addition to selection, most people value the service most for the commercial-free listening.

If your vehicle infotainment system didn't come with SiriusXM capability, you can replace it with one that does, and then purchase a subscription from SiriusXM.

To add SiriusXM capability to your vehicle, you'll need three things:

  1. SiriusXM Compatible Infotainment System
  2. SiriusXM Subscription
  3. SiriusXM Compatible Antenna

In most cases, the manufacturer won't provide a SiriusXM-ready antenna if your infotainment system didn't come digital-radio ready.

When it comes to the antenna, you can choose the OEM antenna the manufacturer originally designed for your vehicle, or an aftermarket antenna designed for those who want to add SiriusXM radio after they've purchased their vehicle.

The OEM antenna will provide the factory look and feel from the showroom floor. We always recommend the factory antenna as your first option.

An aftermarket digital-radio antenna does the same job, while it might alter the original look of your car or truck. You will also have many different choices from which to select.

Infotainment.com has worked with many aftermarket satellite antennas before we were willing to offer them to our customers. After testing dozens of aftermarket satellite radio antennas, including installing and uninstalling, we've identified the aftermarket antenna we would recommend—and be willing to offer to our customers.

The Clarion satellite antenna provides an excellent option, as it comes with the simplicity of a magnetic based installation, meaning no drilling required. It also provides a high level of quality and dependability that will last the life of your vehicle.

Below we've provided the answers to questions we get most often from customers considering an aftermarket antenna.

Q: Where can I mount the aftermarket magnetic antenna?

A: The U-SATMAG antenna offered by Infotainment.com is to be mounted on the outside of the vehicle. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Most Popular - Front Portion of Roof - Install the antenna just above the windshield on the right side. Tuck the wiring behind the windshield weatherstripping along the A-pillar. Once near the bottom find a convenient way to enter the vehicle (typically behind additional weatherstripping). Route the wiring to behind the radio cavity.


  • Next Best Choice - Rear Portion of Roof - If you own a truck or SUV it's convenient to install the antenna near the 3rd brake light. If the light is mounted to the roof you can enter the vehicle through the lower portion of the 3rd brake housing (to minimize leaks). If the light is not mounted to the roof install the antenna and route the wiring behind weatherstripping. Route the wiring to behind the radio cavity.


Q: Once the antenna is mounted, what do I do with the wire?

A: There is no right or wrong way to route the wiring to behind the radio cavity. Take your time and find the path of least resistance. Try to conceal the wiring behind floor panels, pillar panels, and weatherstripping.


Q: I have the wiring routed to behind the radio, what do I do now?

A: Simply plug the female curry colored FAKRA connector into male curry colored FAKRA connector on the rear of the radio. In some cases you may plug it into a U-GPSMPLX multiplexer if you're also utilizing another antenna for the same input.


Q: Now that it's all installed how do I activate it?

A: Just turn your radio on with the antenna facing skyward and tune to channel 184 or channel 1. If you are parked in a garage, pull outside so the antenna has a clear view of the sky. Contact SiriusXM with your ESN to begin enjoying SiriusXM satellite radio!

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Additional reading....

Since the early 2000s, Sirius satellite radio has taken the USA & Canada by storm. Even in a digital audio streaming age SiriusXM still is one of the most popular and well sought after upgrades at Infotainment.com. Infotainment strives to be an industry leader in factory OEM radio upgrades, specifically radios with the embedded or integrated SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. 

When considering adding satellite radio to your vehicle, there are many advantages to upgrading to a factory OEM radio with integrated SiriusXM capabilities as opposed to replacing your radio with an aftermarket deck or tuner.

  • OEM radios look factory, keeping the appearance of your dash original. The buttons, colors, etc will match the other dash components
  • OEM radios in many cases help retain your vehicle's factory warranty
  • OEM radios are proven to be more reliable and robust
  • OEM radios help retain the vehicle's overall value
  • OEM radios are easy to upgrade with minimal wiring