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Ford Acquires Journey Holding Corporation to Boost Smart Mobility Program

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Ford Smart Mobility Acquires Journey Holding Corportion

Journey Holding Corp. provides Ford a potentially lucrative customer base for future Transportation as a Service (TaaS) business opportunities.

Journey Holding Corp. provides Ford a potentially lucrative customer base for future Transportation as a Service (TaaS) business opportunities.

Ford continues to solidify its commitment to autonomous vehicles and TaaS.

On the same day Ford announced the acquisition of Quantum Signal—a robotics testing and algorithm development firm— the company owned Ford Smart Mobility, LLC announced its acquisiton of Journey Holding Corportation.

Journey Holding Corporation functioned as an alliance between TransLoc and DoubleMap.

TransLoc bills itself as a comprehensive solution to offering on-demand services with automated dispatching while maintaining complete control of your operations and data for public transportation systems.

The company’s website details their software’s functionality for municipal and campus transportation systems.

DoubleMap offers a centralized management system for municipal and campus transportation systems.

“The combination of these transit technology companies will accelerate our efforts to help cities deliver more seamless, productive, and accessible transportation solutions to their citizens and visitors, …. It also will be key to connecting customers with the other mobility solutions in our portfolio, such as Spin e-scooters and our GoRide Health service.” ~ Brett Wheatley, vice president Ford Mobility Marketing and Growth.

Journey Holding Corporation serves nearly 1200 cities, universities, corporate campuses and other enterprises with software solutions for fixed route transportation, microtransit on-demand transportation and other related areas. The combined team of more than 200 employees has a proven record of reliably providing services to cities and other enterprise customers to improve transportation systems and rider experiences.

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Journey Holding was established in 2018 as the result of a merger between Indianapolis-based DoubleMap Inc. and Salt Lake City-based Ride Systems LLC. Both companies provide automatic vehicle location services to municipalities, universities, airports, hospitals and corporate fleets. DoubleMap was founded in 2011 by Ilya Rekhter, Peter SerVaas, and Eric Jiang. Ride Systems was founded in 2007 by Justin Rees, Kelly Rees and Ben Haynie.

The name of the combined organization will be announced at a later date. The terms of this acquisition are not being disclosed.

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