Consumer Electronics Show 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show's first day shows big automotive advancements will rely on mastering all the tiny bytes.

A myriad of automotive companies will be exhibiting during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. The annual tech exposition provides consumer electronics manufacturers a place to demonstrate how they've brought the future to the here-and-now.

While the 2021 show has gone completely virtual, the show still goes on. Attendees won't be able to touch and feel some of the future as they had in the past due to heightened Covid protocols.

None-the-less, the show must go on. And it did.

The first day had plenty of interesting new tech soon to be ready for consumer purchase. Samsung has a micro-LED 110-inch television that will be available in March. But we digress…

Every year, more so in recent years, automobile technology has become of greater interest. In fact, traditional electronic manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Intel have debuted various forms of consumer related mobility options.

This year's show has a striking undertone when listening to company's discuss their solutions for automobile technology.

First, almost everyone has some connection to the automobile industry. Bosch, Panasonic and others all had a hand in autonomous vehicle systems. In-vehicle entertainment has evolved into infotainment. It appears the astute electronics manufacturers have adjusted to the new landscape.

Second, autonomous vehicles (AVs) dominate the focus of all the new innovation. Creating safer and consumer ready systems that enhance safety; but more importantly make AV use a realistic option has become the holy grail in automotive electronics.

The biggest challenge for AV has not become developing systems that work. The industry matured to the point that the focus has become designing systems that work and can meet cost demands for consumer production.

GM has been scheduled to present multiple times throughout the show. This comes on the heels of announcing their new logo and website refocus on electric vehicles. Even if you don't attend any of these sessions, surely it's obvious why GM has up-sized their presence at CES.


You'll also learn that AV technology relies heavily on big tech. Intel, Samsung and Bosch were all names involved with developing tech that would be critical to consumer acceptance of AV.

One of the most important industries in the history of America will undergo disruption over the next 5 years. That means huge ramifications for trade and the US economy.

To help you keep up, we'll be posting a new article every day this week about some of the highlights of the show.