Cadillac CUE Radio Replacements

A judge has dismissed all but one claim against GM related to Cadillac CUE infotainment systems.

In September of 2019, Cadillac owner Tonya Gruchacz went to court in an attempt to get GM to pay the cost of repairing his faulty CUE Radio system.

Mr. Gurchacz had experienced a common delamination issue experienced by others with the CUE radio, spider web cracks and bubbling of the infotainment touchscreen, that rendered the equipment unusable.

While the issue affected a large portion of owners, GM refused to replace the radios free of cost as part of the manufacturer's warranty. Vehicle owners became incensed—and more class-action lawsuits followed.

CUE radio owners hoped the threat of bad publicity and potentially expensive lawsuit would encourage GM to be more accommodating to buyers.

A year after the original lawsuit, Gruchacz, et al., v. General Motors, LLC, it appears Cadillac owners may need to accept that they'll be on their own with their CUE radios.

A California judge dismissed all but one lone lawsuit in April. While that one suit continues to move through the legal process, based upon these recent dismissals, GM will most likely leave the CUE radio issue on owners to rectify on their own.

The good news, owners of Cadillac vehicles with CUE radios do have an economical and convenient option to replace the defective systems. offers fully refurbished replacement systems or the ability to get their current one repaired.

Not sure if you have a defective CUE radio installed in your Cadillac? Use the chart below to know whether or not your system might be at risk.

You can remove your current radio and record the part number. If your CUE radio  part number is on the list below, you have one of the potentially defective CUE radios.

ATS, CTS, XTS 23348949; 23173153; 23286469
ATS, CTS, XTS 84498602; 22935061; 22912608; 23447598; 23243166; 22980207; 20867045; 23348952; 23106488
SRX 23135199; 23231828; 23447595; 22879023; 22975648; 23412267; 22942253
CTS, XTS 84237887; 23348951; 23454077; 23286474
SRX 23135198; 23231829; 23447594; 22975647; 23412268; 84336756
SRX 22879024; 23412266; 84336754; 23135200; 23231827; 22942254; 23447596; 22975649
CTS, XTS 84335845; 23447599; 22912609; 23106489; 22980208; 20867046; 22935062; 23243167; 23388826
XTS 23106490, 23243168, 23447600
SRX 22975650, 23135201, 23231830, 23447597
ATS, ELR 22915853; 22986276; 23144702; 23232915; 23449371
CTS, XTS 23286473, 23348950, 23454076, 84237886
ATS, CTS, ELR 23173157; 23286470; 84237890
ATS, CTS 23173161, 23286472, 84237891
SRX 22975646, 23135197, 23231826, 23447593
Escalade 22827928, 23233089, 84237912
Escalade 22827929, 23233090, 84237913