2021 Ford Bronco with and without modular components

Ford designed the 2021 Bronco with a modular platform to make accessorising and customization an easy DIY process.

The 2021 Bronco has been creating waves ever since Ford announced the comeback of the iconic vehicle. Early response from consumers seemed to be enthusiastic to say the least, with the 2021 Bronco First Edition selling out in a matter of days.

After its reveal, Ford began to announce the creation of lifestyle organizations based upon Bronco ownership. They created the Bronco Wild Fund, an environmentally focused organization that encourages consumers to enjoy the outdoors.

2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Fishing Concept Vehicle

The auto manufacturer then announced they were creating four off-road amusement parks of sorts, for Bronco owners to learn and practice off-road driving skills.

The Bronco Nation spawned not too long after as well.

A pattern has begun to develop. With the 2021Bronco, Ford planned more than just an off-road capable SUV—they intended to build a lifestyle.

Add another component to the soon-to-exist Bronco lifestyle ecosystem, the vehicle's modular design.

2021 Ford Bronco 4600 Race Vehicle

If you spend any time around or in the world of off-road vehicle culture, accessorizing and modification have become standard fare. The aftermarket auto accessories market accounts for nearly $5 billion in spending.

Ford recognized an opportunity, and took full advantage. The company saw the popularity of the Jeep Wrangler, and set its sights on taking on the off-road adversary head-on with a twist. Bronco designers fully expect the vehicle's owners to accessorise and modify their vehicles as do their Wrangler counterparts.

Unlike the Wrangler, the Bronco's modular design makes everything from switching doors to fenders to quarter panels all simple DIY changes that can be performed in a driveway.

How DIY will the process be for the Bronco? Very DIY based upon what we've seen in some Ford prepared videos.

Both front and rear fenders can be removed with simply loosening bolts. Replacing the fenders will not require any welding. Bronco logos stamped on the body and interior fasteners indicate removable modular components.

2021 Ford Bronco

This all means future accessories or mods can be retrofitted to meet Bronco's modular specs. Ford has already noted the high levels of interest in aftermarket manufacturers in producing Ford licensed accessories.

The modular design and DIY modification system seen in the Bronco will be a harbinger for the EV future. Currently, EV vehicle manufacturing relies heavily on platforms that can be utilized in the production of multiple vehicle makes.

The 2021 Ford Bronco consumer ecosystem will be interesting to observe moving forward. As Ford— along with other U.S. automobile manufacturers forge their path forward, we're beginning to see the first vestiges of how they plan to approach the future of the auto industry.