1. Ensure you have a replacement radio capable of utilizing an analog camera input.
2. Locate the XY340A Jumper Connector located on the right side of the dash (Refer to photo 1). *If you remove the closeout panel at the passenger side of the dash you will see it.
3. Locate the following pins (Refer to photo 2):
      PIN 5 (DG/BN) - Camera Signal
      PIN 6 (DG/OG) - Camera Return
      PIN 7 (NA) - Camera Shield
4. Reroute the pins above to the following pins on the radio connector (Refer to photo 3):
      PIN 31 (DG/BN) - Camera Signal
      PIN 32 (DG/OG) - Camera Return
      PIN 33 (NA) - Camera Shield
5. If PINs 31/32/33 are not currently populated on your radio connector, utilize our C-INTC4T Interface for an easier connection.