Do you own a 2015+ Jeep Grand Cherokee with an existing 8.4-inch Uconnect radio? Did you know you can easily upgrade to the all-new 8.4-inch "UAV" Uconnect Infotainment system with the high resolution HD disassociated touch screen display through

When you upgrade to the "UAV" Uconnect system you may notice the lower climate control auxiliary buttons may be a bit different. In this quick guide we will show you how to swap your climate control set from your factory installed 8.4-inch radio bezel to the new UAV 8.4-inch radio bezel.


Step 1: Find a clean & soft surface to lay your Jeep's factory radio bezel face down. Locate the black plastic housing on the lower portion of the radio bezel. Remove (10) Torx T8 screws (6 around the perimeter and 4 in the center). Pull off the climate control housing.


Step 2: Remove (8) Torx T8 screws around the perimeter of the circuit boards.


Step 3: Carefully pull both circuit boards away from the plastic housing. You will notice a few clips around the perimeter that need to be depressed to release the circuit boards. (You just need to gain access to 4 remaining screws which is beneath the lower circuit board)


Step 4: Remove (4) Torx T8 screws. Then pull away the 3 remaining components from the radio bezel.


Step 5: Follow steps 1 through 4 on the UAV 8.4-inch radio bezel received by 

Step 6: Install the middle component on the UAV radio bezel first. Insert it at an angle to allow the bottom portion to tuck behind the lower screw holes.


Step 7: Install the upper and lower components and install (4) Torx T8 screws. Make sure the backside of all 3 components are fit into place and the rubber parts laid flush.


Step 8: Install the two circuit boards and snap into place. Install (8) Torx T8 screws around the perimeter.


Step 9: Place the climate control housing over the circuit boards. You may have to slightly bend the bezel a tad to get the housing to secure into place. Install the remaining (10) Torx T8 screws. Done!